Well, I am officially in the jewelry business! I am kind of excited. A couple months ago, I would have been like… ummm, me sell jewelry? I don’t think so! But it’s strange how things work out some things. I really never even wore jewelry. I decided to have a jewelry show a few months back. I thought I’d get some jewelry since I didn’t have any at all and that I’d get to hang out with some girls for a few hours. I miss girl times! It’s really hard for me to get together with friends, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to hang out with the girls and that is truly what I thought.. this was mainly a time for myself than anything else. I got $27o worth in free jewelry though, which was cool, too!

A couple girls at work have been talking about starting with Premier Designs to make some extra money. You get half of what you sell and you get it that day. The more they talked about it, the more I was like that’d be kind of cool, especially with Frankie not really bringing home a regular paycheck. So when Diane, the jeweler who hosted my party, asked Erin if she wanted to go to a meeting they were having about it, I budded in and was like, I’ll go! I talked with Frankie about it and he thought it’d be a good idea, too.

When I went to the meeting last week, I had already kind of planned of getting involved, but they had a speaker, who really did a great job presenting her story with Premier. The main thing that stuck with me was that she said she was pretty introverted and had to step out of her comfort zone to do this, but she loved it. It helped develop her social skills as well as provided an income. This really spoke to me personally because I have been thinking about how to improve my social skills over the last few months. So I am excited, not only about the income it can provide, but also about the other things I can take from this!

So…. my question for you is this: do you want to have a jewelry show! It’s really fun and you get free jewelry! With Christmas coming, even if you don’t like jewelry, you can give it away as a Christmas gift, but… maybe you’ll be like me and find you actually like dressing up a little every now and then! You might also be like I was when I had my show and just want to have a girls’ night! So, if you are interested, please, PLEASE call me or email me or comment here!

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