The Sweetgum Ladies Knit for Love

I recently read “The Sweetgum Ladies Knit for Love” by Beth Pattillo. It was a really good book. It’s the story of six ladies in a small town and their journey on the path of love. They each are in a different spot of their life and make different choices. Camille recently lost her mother and is looking for a way out of town, but unexpectedly, her old high school crush comes back into town. Esther is newly widowed and discovers her husband left her with far less than she needs to live as she always has. She comes across two unlikely companions who begin to fill her life. Eugenie has married late in life to her old crush. She has become a pastor’s wife and now must try to fulfill the expectations people have placed on her or does she? Merry has enjoyed life raising her four kids. When her husband asks her to make a sacrifice and go back to work, she struggles. Maria is taking care her mother and two sisters by trying to run a five and dime store and selling their long-time home to some strangers from out of town. She develops an unlikely relationship with one of the strangers. Hannah, a foster child, is unsure she knows what it means to love someone. When her old friend moves back to town and is in the popular crowd, will they be able to get past all the outside forces and rekindle their relationship?


It was a fabulous story of six unlikely friends as they move through their lives and come together once a month at a book club, in which they just happen to be reading the greatest love stories of all time.

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