Baby Girl?

Everyday Alyx seems like she is getting older and older. She asks me “WHY?” all the time now. She is a pretty good child, but she is always testing us and seeing how far she can go. We are going to try to put her in a preschool this fall if we can, so she can have some interaction with other children and perhaps learn some more stuff. I think she’s smart, but I’m biased. Maybe she’ll learn to go potty on the toilet too!

Frankie told me this morning that it kind of stinks that she’ll be out of diapers and then we’ll have to start all over. I was like “WHAT?” That’s what I’ve told him for the past two years, that we should get pregnant sooner, so that we wouldn’t have to be out of diapers and then go through it all again and he said, no he’d rather there only be one in diapers at a time! Sometimes, I wonder about him! LOL!

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