The Vanishing Sculptor

This is a wonderful story of an imaginary land far away which contains lots of mythical creatures. You meet a girl, Tipper, as she tries to save her father from vanishing forever. Along the way, she and her guardian, a grand parrot, meet a wizard and his librarian, riding dinosaurs (which **surprise** she gets to ride on), an aspiring artist, a dragon keeper prince, and many more interesting characters.

Her father has been gone for years, just disappeared one day and never came back. However, one night, he comes back to Tipper and she is charged with helping him to find a way back permanently. Her father talks of a Wulder, a God that she knows nothing of, but learns about along the way on her journey. Wulder is intriguing to her and very different than the god she has know, one she is sure is just a fairy tale.

sculptorJoin Tipper, her father, and a host of other characters on this magical adventure! You can find out more here!

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