One Prayer: Scott Hodge

Today, we showed Scott Hodge’s sermon for the One Prayer series, entitled “God is Ready!” First, let me say how cool it was that Hodge did a personalized introduction for Hub City Church. They really did some research on our website to make it great for us!

I loved the message on “God is Ready.” Hodge basically said that God is always ready; the real question is are you ready? In order to be ready, we need to be willing to look foolish, to live fluidly, and to be faithful. The second point was the one that really spoke to me. To live fluidly is to live in such a way that whatever God calls you to do, wherever he calls you to go… you do, you go. It means having the flexibility to do that. This is something that my family is currently struggling with, specifically in a financial way. We didn’t make wise decisions when we first got married, and though we are not too far in debt, we have some debt which entangles us. It is easy to look back and think, we should not have done that… but now that we have made these choices, what do we need to do right now to get rid of it? It’s hard to make those kind of decisions, but those are the consequences of those bad choices. I know this is something many people struggle with and I wish I had an easy answer. The truth is: it’s going to take hard work…. and even more hard work to change the attitudes that are behind it! BUT with God’s guidance, we can do it and you know what? It will free us up to live fluidly for God. I’m ready to take those steps, are you?

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One Response to One Prayer: Scott Hodge

  1. Jaimee says:

    Hey, have you guys read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover? It is an excellent place to start. If you ever want any pointers, we are struggling (and will be for awhile longer), but have come soooo far in the last 5-6 years, and would love to share that success with you if we can help in that area.

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