No Rain!

How awesome is God? As the time grew closer for Movies in the Park, the chance of rain increased, even up to 80% (or so I’m told. I didn’t even look at the weather for fear of what it would say). We did a quick meeting just to pray and make sure everyone knew what they were doing around 6pm and a few drops came down. But then it cleared up and it stayed dry right up until the moment Jonathan said “Thanks for coming. Have a good night.” I am not kidding at all. As soon as people starting leaving, it starting raining, not a lot, but it did rain just a little bit. It is just so cool how God can take our worries and show us how unfounded they are.

Another awesome thing about MIP was the number of people from Hub City Church that showed up to help. It was so awesome to see so many HCC shirts and know they were part of our group. Everyone was great and a tremendous help to the night. I loved it!

By the way, there were approximately 1500 people there and for a night with an 80% chance of rain, that’s awesome. I hope that God was glorified through us serving our community. These events remind me of who we are trying to reach and that God loves these people and wants us to as well. If you didn’t get to come, mark your calendars for June 20th, Madagascar 2. See you there!

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