Movies in the Park is here!

First things first: Pray real hard that God would bless us by keeping the rain away tomorrow evening.

Second: I am really excited about MIP (Movies in the Park) this year for a reason that has nothing to do with the movies or free stuff! This year, we are focusing on sponsoring one organization with MIP. We will be selling glow bracelets for $1.00 and giving all the proceeds to Water Missions International. We gave away our Christmas offering to Water Missions International last year and we really think this organization is a great one. We have 550 bracelets to sell and I am hoping we sell them all at this first one! I think it’s great to not only give to our community by doing MIP, but to help our community to actually reach out to others and help people have clean drinking water.

Third: We are giving away a LOT of stuff, thanks to the great sponsors we have this year. Just to name a few: Coke is giving us Coke products again this year. Costco and BiLo each are giving us water. Spartan 16 Movie Theater is giving us popcorn and movie tickets to give away. Texas Roadhouse is giving peanuts and gift certificates. Paradise Lanes is giving a gift certificate for 2hrs of free bowling for 20 people! And we have gift certificates from like 30 other restaurants and places! A lot to giveaway! So you should come just for that!

Why are we doing Movies in the Park? One of the things Hub City Church values is our community. We want Spartanburg to be a better place because we are here. Spartanburg is our home. We want to serve our community and build it up. So see you there!

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One Response to Movies in the Park is here!

  1. Kaye Allen says:

    I will be praying to God about the rain staying away! 🙂

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