Spring Flingin’ Again

Well, we spent a good part of the weekend at Spring Fling handing out postcards for Movies in the Park. Frankie got to dress up as Mickey Mouse again… I know he enjoyed it tremendously! I was pleasantly surprised at the comments people made. Many people had attended at least one movie last year and were so glad to hear we were going to do it again. I had several people tell me they had moved here within the last year and were excited to hear our town did stuff like that. We had people who worked with the city who practically were jumping up and down when we came by, saying how happy they were that we were doing Movies in the Park again and they asked for some postcards to hand out at their volunteer booth. I was really encouraged by the outpouring of support we have from the community. I truly believe God is going to do something amazing through Hub City Church and Movies in the Park again this year and I’m excited to be a part of it.

We had our second baptism as a church today. It was good to get together with some of the other people from Hub City that I don’t normally get to talk with on Sundays. Frankie baptized his second person, Christian. It was great to see Christian stand up and say how much he loved Hub City and that we, as a church, truly accepted him for who he was. That epitomizes who we want to be as a church. Jesus accepted the disciples for who they were, not saying he didn’t try to move them forward, but he started with where they were before he started changing their lives.

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