Congratulations to Brian and Valerie on the birth of their daughter, Natalie Grace. She was born today! I am so excited that they will now get to share in the joys of parenthood with the rest of us. So my advice to the new parents:

1. People are going to ask you when you are going to have another baby. It’s just a few weeks away… so get ready.

2. Strangers will come and touch your baby (stay away from older women and WalMart).

3. Other people have all the answers… to anything and everything… stuff like “just give her a little bourbon that will get her to sleep.”

4. Say goodbye to sleeping in or possibly even sleeping at all, depends on Natalie and whether your visitors will take the hint that you need to sleep and leave.

5. Valerie- don’t get dressed for at least two weeks! When people drop by (this includes me), they will be more likely to leave if you aren’t perfectly attired and (see #4 about needing sleep).

6. You guys take it easy and spend time getting to know your sweet daughter. We love you guys and will be looking forward to meeting Natalie!

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