10 Dumb Things

When I started college at North Greenville College, I realized that I held some beliefs simply because that’s what I had always heard. There were several things that I started researching in order to see what the Bible really said or did NOT say about these subjects. So when I saw the title of this book: “10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe,” I was intrigued.


Larry Osborne lists 10 “spiritual urban legends” in his book and discusses how well-meaning Christians have misquoted and misinterpreted popular Scriptures and allowed Christians and non-Christians to hold onto beliefs that are simply not true. I thought Osborne did a fabulous job and I think this book is a great read for everyone. You might not believe any of the “10 Dumb Things” or you might believe all of them. Regardless, it will surely make you think!

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