Experiencing the Treasure

This week, I received two great books. The first one is “Experiencing the Spirit,” by Drs. Henry and Mel Blackaby and the second is “The Treasure Principle,” by Randy Alcorn. In Acts, we see the first church exploding. Both of these books relate to those early church experiences.

In “Experiencing the Spirit,” Blackaby discusses the differences between natural talents and our spiritual gifts and how we can be filled with the Spirit in our daily lives. “Instead of considering what you can do for God with your abilities and talents, you’ll be encouraged here to seek what God wants to do through you supernaturally bu His Spirit, empowering you beyond your personal competence and capacities.


In “The Treasure Principle,” Alcorn discusses how we should turn our values upside down and give more. According to Alcorn, we need to focus on storing up our treasure in heaven, not here on earth. With every possession or material wealth we gain, we become more burdened. With every possession we give away, the more God blesses us not only here, but much more in the life to come. Take a moment and think about the early church and how they sold everything they owned and had everything in common. What would happen if the church did that today?

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