The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

This is a fabulous book! Every chapter that I read brought another issue forward that I had not ever thought about or shed a different light on how Jesus lived. I have thought about what I read for hours after I read it! I highly recommend this book to everyone. You can get it here.


Steven K Scott, the author of “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived,” talks about Jesus’ life and how we can learn to live a “purpose-accomplished life” from the lessons he displayed for us in his everyday life and through the stories he told. I learned a lot about myself by reading this book. Here are a couple of quotes that were thought-provoking to me:

“Jesus didn’t offer words of praise who used their talents and gifts to ‘just get by.'”

“The first and most important step in communicating with others is gaining an accurate understanding your listener’s frame of reference.”

“Knowing the power that knowledge of truth brings to a conversation, I am always amazed at how much of our communication is based on everything but truth.”

“Had they not seized the opportunity of the moment, they could have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.”

“If you struggle with fear in your relationships, it is likely because you are more concerned about what you can get from that relationship than about what you can give.”

“We so often live in the illusion that time is our least important commodity and that there will always be more of it later to do what we need or what we want to do.”

“When we experience adversity our natural inclination is to either withdraw into our shell or strike out in anger at whomever or whatever we can blame…. In his teachings, he repeatedly tells his disciples to proactively face their adveristy with courage.”

“No matter how terrible others in the workplace may act, what is far more important is how I act.”

“We need to make an effort to perform beyond the expectations of our boss or spouse or children.”

To see how these quotes all come together, check “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” out.

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