When Jesus walked this earth, he said stuff like love your enemy and told you that if someone slapped you across one cheek to turn the other one to him. That’s hard for me. Am I supposed to lie down and take it when I get yelled at for no good reason? Am I supposed to just accept it if someone were to accuse me of doing something wrong that I didn’t do? There are lots of circumstances you could put into this.

I’m reading a book right now (I’ll blog about it next week!) and it was talking about how Jesus’ manner matched his vision, his mission, his purpose. Now, Jesus was perfect. He knew exactly what to say to those who challenged him and his mission. Since we are called to share Jesus with the world, I feel like one of my purposes is live a life that models Jesus’ life. Sometimes, it’s hard.

Today, someone yelled at me. Now, in all seriousness, I really don’t think this person meant to be so harsh, but it just bothered me. I do whatever I can to help this person and do whatever is necessary to make things right. When it happened, I just turned and walked away. Should I have said something? I don’t know. As the day went on, I wished I would have said something… at least, so they could know that they upset me, but I don’t know if it would have mattered much. Then, I was thinking about how this person was probably feeling at the time and I understand where they were coming from, but still…

Jesus was so humble, so patience, so insightful. He knew exactly how to respond, exactly what to say… I wish I was more like that….

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