It’s A Gift

I am reading a book right now, called “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.” It’s really good. Anyway, it was talking about the man who was blind from birth, who Jesus healed. They explained how the people thought that the man was being punished for either sins he would commit in his future or because of something his parents did. However, when the people asked Jesus about it, he said that neither of these was true, but he was born blind so that God may be glorified. The book went on to say that this blindness, that everyone claimed was a curse, was actually a GIFT. Through it, he met Jesus and followed him the rest of his life.

I’ve never heard it explained in such terms, but I thought it was a great way to describe it. It made me think about the “bad things” in my own life (and none of them are as bad as being blind) and I couldn’t help but wonder if I am treating them as a gift. For example, I have been having a difficult time at work right now. There is just a lot going on, and I’ve been dreading going and can get irritated really fast. But you know what, I’ve met some great friends and have built some relationships that I know will last past this job. It has also opened my eyes to the world; whereas, I was kind of trapped in my own bubble. This job is a GIFT.

Jesus, help me to view each and every part of my life as a gift from you. Help me to appreciate the details of my life.

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