Dinner with a Perfect Stranger

This past week I finished two fantastic books. “Dinner with a Perfect Stranger” and “A Day with a Perfect Stranger,” by David Gregory, were great, easy-to-read, enjoyable books and I highly recommend them to everyone. “Dinner with a Perfect Stranger” follows Nick as he receives an invitation to have dinner with Jesus. He finally decides to go and the story follows the conversation between Jesus and him. Nick, like most of us, is so consumed with his work that he has little time for his family. He knows that he needs to fix it, but he’s not sure how. Jesus leads him to discover what’s really missing in his life and how Jesus can help with his everyday life.

“A Day with a Perfect Stranger” follows Nick’s wife, Mattie, as she struggles with the changes in Nick’s life and trying to understand them. She asks some tough questions of Jesus; he leads her to ask questions of why she believes as she does.

Both of these conversations are so natural, so down to earth. They are believable and real. Nick and Mattie ask the questions that most non-believers ask, and Jesus answers in a way that believers should answer! So whether you believe in Jesus or not, you should pick up this book and maybe answer some of your own questions.


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