I’ve Got Nothing But Time…

Okay, so not really….

I used to hate it when I worked at Wildlife Unlimited and people would come in on their lunch break and tell me they were just “killing time.” I would think about how much time they wasted if everyday they went somewhere and killed the rest of their hour lunch. There is so much too do! I wish I could better use my time. I have a lot I need to get done, but truthfully, (and please don’t tell anyone) sometimes, I’m a little lazy! But really, there is so much time that I waste on a daily basis. I need to take some time management classes or something!

Oh, and Alyx’s newest thing is to say something like “I want pat-pat NOW!” Who has been teaching her that crap! I want to know NOW! J/k… I don’t remember ever saying that I wanted something right now. I don’t know where she picks up this stuff.

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