So guess what? Frankie and I joined a gym! Peak Fitness. I’ve been wanting to join one for a while and just haven’t. Frankie went over to check out Peak Thursday and they had a really good special going on, so we are officially members for the next 14mths. I’m excited. Maybe I can get into the habit of exercising. I always feel better when I do it, but it’s hard to when I have Alyx running about. They have a place where they watch the kids if needed, so that’s great!

Talking about exercising brings up another topic I wanted to share about. Remember how I made a list of stuff I wanted to do this year… my goals? One of them was read through the Bible in a year. I know some of you may have said the same thing, so how are you doing? To be honest, I missed a day here and there, but I have caught myself up each time. I have to be careful not to read ahead of schedule because it will be too easy to read 10 chapters one day and then not read for 3 or 4 days. Not only am I trying to read through the Bible in a year, but I want to make sure I am reading on a consistent basis…daily.

We talk about next steps a lot in church. I am trying to take some next steps in my life… get a little more consistent in my walk with Jesus, take a few risks, and pray on a deeper level. What are your next steps? A relationship with Jesus involves moving forward, moving to a deeper level. What do you need to work on to take that next step in the right direction?

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