Frankie’s Got a New Do!

Well, last week I got my hair cut off…. 13 inches at least. Tonight, Frankie got his cut off… probably up to four inches. He has a hairdo he’s never had before. I like it! I think his mom is going to freak out a little though…. she always does! “Frankie, when you were little I used to dress you so nice!” Oh well, she was telling him he needed to get a haircut!

On another note, as many of you know, Frankie is currently enrolled at Liberty University online. He is taking 3 classes now, which finish up in a couple weeks and will be taking two more classes after that for this semester. He hopes to continue through the summer and maybe finish in the fall. He’s doing great! Anyway, he is also 4 days a week four hours or more with his dad. And he interns at Hub City Church, shooting, starring in, and putting together videos; making sure we have everything for Sunday mornings; leads a small group on Sunday nights; and several other things. He also co-leads another small group on Sunday nights after ours. As you can see, that’s a lot of stuff.

My desire is for Frankie to be able to work full-time for Hub City Church. His vision is to plant a church like Hub City in Boston. The best way we can do this is by learning as much as God had to teach us while we are still here. In order to do that, we need some help. The economy is so tough right now. It’s hard to ask people to give to you when they are struggling themselves. I’m struggling with this. I long for Frankie to be able to stay home, but financially, well, it’d be more than difficult. Please pray for us that we might know what we need to do next.

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