A Few Things

Frankie took me out to eat tonight… We had like a date night since we had to take Alyx with us on Valentine’s Day. We went to Four Seasons Restaurant on the east side of Spartanburg. It was pretty good. The steak was fabulous; however, my mashed potatoes were cold, so that was bad. I was just glad that Frankie and I were able to go out by ourselves. I love Alyx, but it was good to have some time together. I learned that Frankie thinks it would be cool to be a food critic… except he only eats a few things, so he’d have to be like a seafood food critic.

Work is really hard right now. There are just a lot of things going on that are just plain crappy. I feel like I try so hard to make sure I’m doing everything I can do, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep me afloat. I’m really struggling with it right now.  A few days this week, I’ve been really close to tears because I’m so stressed out. I’m beginning to think good insurance and a great job (the actual job is great, it’s everything else) is just not worth the stress I’m going through…. but Frankie is the one who needs to be home, not me! So, I’ll keep on and ask God to help carry my burden.

Alyx, my sweet child, is wiping off my kisses now…. who taught her that???? I’ll give her a kiss on the cheek and she wipes it off with her hand… Seriously! She’s not supposed to do that until she’s a teenager, right???

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One Response to A Few Things

  1. Kaye Allen says:

    Sorry you are feeling bad right now. I will send some prayers up for you. Is there anything I can do ? Glad you got to go out the other nite without cute little Alyx. Everyone needs time together by theirselves once in awhile.

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