Immersion II

So this past Thursday through Saturday, a group of us from Hub City Church went to Immersion II at the White Oak Conference Center in Winnsboro. First, let me say that just being there brought back some memories of days gone by! I remember going there a couple times with my old youth group…. ah, the careless days of youth. Anyway, a group came from Idaho to lead the conference. Frankie and Jonathan had gone to Idaho back in August to Immersion I and came back excited and ready to start small groups. I enjoyed the conference. I think there were a couple of groups that we probably got on their nerves! I think we came back with some valuable information about how to get our vision/mission out to our regular attendees, about ourselves and each other! Plus, we thought about what we are going to show for Movies in the Park this year and if we can do one of the ones we want, it’s going to be SO COOL! I can’t wait until we really start getting stuff together for Movies in the Park.

Anyway, I am glad to be back home. A special thanks to Kenzie who watched Alyx (hyped up on coffee) while we were actually in the conference meetings!

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