For Couples Only

Have you ever wondered why your husband does that? Have you ever thought he was doing something just to get on your nerves? Have you ever wondered why he can’t just pick his socks up off the floor after you’ve asked for like the hundredth time? My husband is a great man, but sometimes, he does some things that leave me confused. “For Couples Only” and more specifically, “For Women Only,” has really opened my eyes to see that the meaning I sometimes put behind my husband’s actions was not what he meant at all. In fact, most of the time, it’s probably the last thing he meant for his actions to mean!


“For Couples Only: Eyeopening Insights about How the Opposite Sex Thinks” by Shaunti Feldhahn and Jeff Feldhahn is a fantastic book. It has two books, one for her and one for him.  “For Women Only” really explains how men are different from women, and more importantly, how to respond to their differences in a way that will support and encourage them. It was contained a lot of information, some that I’ve heard before, but a lot that I hadn’t. It was really “eyeopening!” I feel like I am more prepared to support my husband now. I highly recommend these books for you and your spouse! You can find them here!

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