Poor Baby

My poor baby Alyx is not feeling that well today. She is very congested and was whining this morning, so I decided to stay home with her. I feel kind of bad about it because Chris, Josh, Frankie, and Jonathan will have to setup the kids’ areas. Plus, I was supposed to be in the 3&4’s today to relieve Jessica so she could go into the service. I know that everything will get done, but I don’t like leaving my responsibilities to someone else. On the other hand, Alyx is one of my top responsibilities and she comes first right now! She is so sweet. She’s laying on the floor right now watching Pooh.

Also, the video Frankie put together for today’s service is SOOOO funny. He has played it all weekend long. If you don’t get to come to the service this morning, make sure you go to the website this week and check it out (I think he’ll put it on there). It’s hilarious.

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