Made it Through… Again

So around 9am this morning, Elizabeth, my co-worker, sends us an e-mail that says “Celeste is here.” Celeste is our human resource rep. Immediately, we are all thrown into a frenzy. We didn’t get much work done. They came up and got my manager and took her back downstairs. About 30 minutes later, she came back upstairs with a box and Celeste following her, went into her office, and shut the door. She was let go after working for the company for 17 years. She was in her office for about an hour packing up and then left, without saying anything. I’m sure she was close to breaking down and felt if she said anything to us, it might through her over the edge. I was very sorry that we didn’t even get to say good-bye to her, but I can understand why she didn’t.

During this time, we still don’t know anything about our jobs, so I was starting to panic. I stopped a moment and asked God to calm me down and put the situation into his hands. I knew He would get me and my family through this even if we did get fired. Then, a MA supervisor took us aside and informed us that setup would stay in Spartanburg. Relief! I was so happy that I would still have a job, but as the day wore on, we realized many of our co-workers would not make it through the day. One had been with the company for over 20 years. All over our market area, we lost many of those we dealt with every day. Today has been rough. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

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One Response to Made it Through… Again

  1. jonathan says:

    I am s excited to hear about your job. I know it’s difficult with the other people you work with, but I’m thrilled that God is providing for you.

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