So I might not be blogging much this week. I will be working my full time job, of course (Please pray about this because we should find out this week about whether I will even still have a job….) and then I’m working at Liberty Tax Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday…. this is way more than I agreed to and I’m going to ask them about it, but the schedule already been made for this week. **sigh** I really do like working at the Tax place… too bad, this isn’t a full time thing; it’d be fun. (I know, you think I’m silly or crazy.) The only bad thing about working there is that I’m missing some meetings with Hub City that I really would like to go to.

Oh well, on another note… Hub City Church is doing great! We are continually growing numerically, but we are seeing changed lives and that’s much more important. We are seeing people coming to church and then, inviting their friends to come to church. We are seeing people that haven’t gone to church in years, come to church on a regular basis. It’s exciting to see how God is blessing us in this endeavour. Did you catch Jonathan’s interview on the news this past week??? How many times do you see a church on the news for something positive? Now, how many times do you see the SAME church on the news or in the paper for positive things? We’ve been on the news 3 times and in the paper twice and then a couple more times in the Escape and then in other local magazines. That is not something any one of us could do… that is purely God blessing Hub City Church in ways we never imagined! Thank you for your prayers and support of Frankie, myself, and the others at Hub City Church. You are a part of what is taking place!

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