Side Street Pizza

Tonight, we went to Side Street Pizza for dinner. It’s a little place in Tryon that we both like. Frankie thinks that have the best pizza in the world! I don’t know about that, but they are pretty good. There is one thing I don’t understand about the place though. If you go into the back area where the bar is, you don’t have to wait for a table. You just grab the next one when someone gets up. Yet, every time we go, there is always like a hour wait time…. but there are always tables open in the bar area. Sometimes, there are people smoking in there, but most of the time, it’s just families with their kids…. Oh well, I guess the less people that know you can go in the other door, the better it will be for us when we go!

On another note, I should know something about my job by Friday (probably on Friday). They are supposed to have most everything worked out and in process by then. The not knowing is terrible. We are all stressed out about it…. even my manager, because she doesn’t know anything more than we do. Some people think she knows, but I don’t. I think she is just as scared as we are…. everyone is at risk. My co-workers have talked with people in the Michigan-Ohio market area and in Canada and they are all feeling just like we are….

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One Response to Side Street Pizza

  1. Kaye Allen says:

    Tom and I discovered Side Street Pizza when we were out riding on his motorcycle. It is very good! I will keep you in my prayers about your job. I know it’s stressful.

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