Never Say Diet

I’ve been reading this book by Chantel Hobbs called “Never Say Diet.” This is a really good book and I highly recommend it. Chantel Hobbs focuses on what she calls “The Five Brain-Change Decisions.” Losing weight and getting into shape is not about anything you do, so much as what you believe. Over and over people try to lose weight and over and over they fail. We have created a lifestyle of failing and soon, feel it’s just easier not to try. Chantel discusses how to take small steps in order to achieve small successes. Soon, you will be in the habit of succeeding and can take a few bigger, harder steps. While Chantel is mainly talking about weight and staying healthy, the things she says can apply to many areas of life.

41sj4sabk-l_ss500_I think one of the best things about this book is that Chantel Hobbs has went through a weight struggle. Her heaviest weight was 349lbs. She entwines her own personal struggle with weight into the book. It is so real. You can tell she went through a lot before she made the decision to lose weight and be healthy. She heard her own husband talk about how big a linebacker was and knew that she weighed more than him. Imagine hearing your spouse say something like that.

The book is really great and you can, also, get “The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer.” It is a 16-week training manual that gives you practical ways to train your body and your mind.

If you have tried diet after diet and failed time after time, read this book and see how to change your mindset. You can get it here.

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