I’ll Start With American Idol….

Okay, why do I watch this show? I’m really not sure. It’s seems like it’s the exact same thing I watched last year. Same thing…. different people. Some of them are original, but very few. The guy that was blind was cool. I thought they were going to change it up some this year, but it doesn’t appear so.

Second thing, a girl at work was telling me that she has a friend who works in labor and delivery. A couple named their child (spelled just like this): Na-a. Now how would you pronounce that? Naaaaa??? Nope. It’s Na-dash-ah. You pronounce the dash….  How crazy is that?

Next: Frankie has been out of town since Monday and finally, will be back tomorrow. In the mean time, I’m collecting his books for school. It’s RIDICULOUS how much you have to pay for books. And they can’t just have one or two books per class. They have like 4-5 books and then a CD set that’s only available from Liberty, so you can’t find it cheaper anywhere. We have spent close to $300 on books and that’s only for three classes. He will start his second eight weeks and will have 2 more classes in March, so that will be more money….. **sigh**

Now back to Idol: Why do these people think they can sing when they obviously can’t! And why does Simon ask them to sing a second song when he is obviously just going to say no???? And why do people not believe what the judges say? Like all of a sudden, they don’t know who sounds good….

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One Response to I’ll Start With American Idol….

  1. Kaye Allen says:

    I know, I know ! But American Idol is sooo funny. Where else can you get the laughs on T.V. It is pitiful that some of these people really think that they can sing. Why hasn’t anyone told them that they can’t? Where’s the family? Why would you want to make a fool out of yourself and your friends and familiy!

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