A Few Things

Last night, Frankie’s parents offered to keep Alyx for the night. So Frankie and I got to enjoy a night out together. We went and ate at Gerhard’s Cafe (I think that’s how you spell it) over in Hillcrest. It was interesting and expensive!  We walked in the door and the hostess said “Just sit whenever you want” which was kind of weird and awkward. Then we when finally sat down, we watched as everyone greeted others in the bar…. yeah, I’m not sure why they call it a cafe because it is clearly a bar. Even Frankie who knows just about everyone I think said he felt like he was an outsider and everyone seemed to know each other… kind of like a club. The food was okay, but it wasn’t like great or anything. To me, it cost way too much for a bar!

This morning I went to a training session at Liberty Tax. I will be doing taxes a couple days a week. I know you’ll probably think I’m a little crazy, but I like doing taxes… it’s like a math problem that needs to be solved. Anyway, I was really interested in how much their organization is like Hub City Church. They are really community-oriented. They are involved with “Phones for Soldiers” and the “March of Dimes.” But they are also doing something really cool. This year, if you get your taxes done at Liberty Tax, they will give you vouchers for up to $300 in groceries. It’s actually really cool. You spend $100 in food each month at your favorite grocer and then send the receipts in with the voucher for that month, then they send you a $25 gift card for the next month. So that month you really only have to spend $75 to get the next gift card. It’s a really neat way to give back to their customers during these hard times.

One more thing…. how many Beethoven movies are there???? I mean, seriously, Alyx is watching “Beethoven’s 5th” and there is still at least one more that’s after this one!

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