Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight

So over the past few weeks, with the year 2008 coming to a close, I’ve been thinking about my life and things I want to change about myself. I’ve never really made any New Year’s resolutions because I just figured I’d fail to keep them and I didn’t want that hanging over my head. But this year, I think it would be different. So I’m going to make a list of changes I want to make in my life and how to go about making those changes.

That’s where this new book I’ve been reading comes in. “Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight: 52 Amazing Ways to Master the Art of Personal Change” by Karen Scalf Linamen is a great book on how to make those changes you’ve been longing to make, but never do. I’ve read through it once and now and ready to run through it again putting to practice the 52 ways to change. You know how you always hear that you should take baby steps to making big changes… you know, do one small thing at a time…. well, this book gives you those small steps one by one. The book is witty and lots of fun with stories from the author’s life about her struggles with personal change. There’s even a chapter on procrastination and how we should really go about eliminating this problem. I’ve really enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to making some lasting changes in my own life. So if you’re thinking about changes you need to make, pick up this book! Resolutions here I come!


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One Response to Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight

  1. Kaye Allen says:

    I have several things I would love to change. Let me know the secrets. Sounds like a good read.

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