Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We did, of course. I kept waking up, so when it got late enough (5:30am), I went downstairs and brought Alyx upstairs. Frankie’s family would be coming over to the house at 7am to open gifts. When it got a little closer to 7am, we woke Alyx and Frankie read the Christmas story. That was cool. I want to build some good traditions into our holidays that really focus on what Christmas or Easter is really about.

Once Frankie’s family go there, we let Alyx go downstairs and see what Santa had left for her. He got her a huge kitchen and stuff to go with it. She really liked it and got mad when Frankie and Bradley moved it into her room, so we could finish opening the rest of the gifts. Frankie got yet another DVD player, this one a Blu-Ray. He guessed what it was just like every year before. We got Frankie’s parents a picture book of Alyx’s first two years and Alyx painted star ornaments for her grandparents and for Heather and Bradley, along with a hand print that she did and painted (she tried to paint it all black and I had to keep blotting it up). I got some clothes, a vacuum cleaner, a hair-straightener (you should see how long my hair is, I guess, it’s time to get it cut), a necklace, and Chris Tomlin tickets! Yah! Alyx got a bunch of stuff…. baby dolls, a computer, clothes, shoes, blocks, legos, and Sesame Street Live tickets… for her and her daddy.

Have I mentioned that I have some issues with this whole Santa Claus thing? Frankie wants Alyx to believe in Santa. I have always had a hard time with it. I mean, as a parent, I want to be as truthful to Alyx as possible and I want her to be able to believe me and what I tell her. And then, I am supposed to feed her lies and such about Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. Christmas is not about Santa and Easter is not about the Easter bunny. These are supposed to be HOLY days to celebrate key events in the story of God and man. I don’t want to lie to my child! You know that’s what it is! How do you justify lying to your child? For the development of their imagination???? Oh well, I’ll get off my soapbox and let you read something else. I’ll try to post some pictures later.

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