I heard this great quote about volunteers the other day on one of the pod casts I listen to. It said something like this: Volunteers (talking about church volunteers) are the connectors to the power of God. So, as a volunteer at Hub City Church, am I actively working to be a connector…. to connect newcomers with the power of God? Without volunteers, the church falls apart. Why? Partly because there is no one displaying God to the guests. I’ve realized over the past several weeks, that I have been sort of hiding behind the power point. I need to be actively searching people out, saying their names (I know the names, I just have a hard time putting them with faces), talking to individuals.

We had a Christmas party last night and I was noticing how some people kept to themselves and with a few others, while others moved around and talked with people… now in both categories were people who were new to Hub City and then others who have been with Hub City for a while. I think there are all kinds of people, with all kinds of talents. We just need to be making sure that we are 1) connected with God and 2) connecting with people. If we do these two things, we are like a conductor that allows God’s electricity flow through us and into those people around us.

This is something I need to be working on more. I tend to be a loner of sorts and even though I HATE excuses, I often find myself saying “well, I’m just not out-going, I’m an introvert,” which is true, but I need to work past that. How ’bout you? Are you being a conductor of God’s electricity or are you an insulator, keeping God’s power all to yourself?

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