Christmas is Coming!

As Christmas closes in, I seem to get busier and busier. But I made a stop at Miracle Hill to drop some stuff off and I think I am going to sell TWO of my chinchillas! That will only leave two…my girls, Chalupa and Andy. So I’m very excited about the possibility of cleaning out some room in our only spare room, which has doubled as our storage area!

Alyx had her last dance class of the year tonight. She really does enjoy the class even though she doesn’t really do any dancing…. she more or less runs from one side to the other and throws in some twirls ever now and then. She also did some tumbles tonight! She was doing some of the dances before the class, but we get in there and she just freezes and runs around like a mad woman. She was sliding across the floor tonight and got filthy. But she had fun and I guess that’s the main thing.

I’m really excited about our first Christmas with Hub City Church. We are finishing the series “Advent Conspiracy” and we will be giving our entire offering away to Water Missions International. Truthfully, we really can’t afford to do that, but it’s not about what we can afford. It’s about giving to God because he has given to us. So, if you have nowhere to go this Sunday or you don’t want to dress up to go to church, come visit us at Spartan 16 Movie Theater at 10am. Everyone is welcome and if it’s your first time with us, then $1.00 will be donated to Water Missions International on top of the offering. How cool is that? You can be a blessing to someone else just by going to church!

Don’t forget to take some time this Christmas and thank Jesus for the sacrifice he made in coming to this earth as a simple man. “Be still and know….”

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