Why is life so hectic around Christmas???? This should be a season that we are able to relax, to spend time with our family, to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Instead, everyone rushes around to buy a bunch of stuff they can’t afford in order to try to make someone they love “happy.”

I feel like I am going in a million directions lately…. Work is unbelievably hectic. We are short-handed and we have two major things going on that is causing an influx of paperwork. Frankie’s dad had surgery this past Tuesday. They went in to remove a tumor that appears to be cancerous, but they won’t know for sure until this coming week. So I’ve had to had someone watch Alyx (thanks guys…. you really helped us a lot!), but it has been an extra 30-40 minutes to drive in the morning and in the evening. Then, we had a meeting on Tuesday and Alyx’s dance classes are every Thursday. I have Alyx’s, my niece’s, both of my sisters-in-laws’, my nephews’, my mom’s, and my dad’s birthdays this month. Which I haven’t gotten cards for any yet! Which reminds me… I haven’t done our Christmas cards yet either. And I guess, at some point I need to think about getting Alyx something for her birthday and Christmas. And the list goes on…..

Hopefully your Christmas season is much more relaxing than mine!

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One Response to Why?

  1. Kaye Allen says:

    I have to comment that mine isn’t any better. As far as being hectic and all. Next year I may cut some things out. It’s hard ,I do like Christmas ,especially what it stands for but the hustle and bustle is about to kill me. And the cost is astounding but I’ve had to cut down alot cause it just isn’t there! Sill love everybody and I will just do the best I can. You know what I mean!

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