Okay, I filled up my gas tank today and it cost me $18.00! I cannot believe it…that’s like a third of what gas cost at the beginning of the year! It was $1.39 where I filled up at. Frankie and a guy from church had a talk about gas going under two dollars and the guy said it would never go less than two dollars. Well, they might need to discuss gas going under a buck…wouldn’t that be awesome! You could fill up your car for $10.00. HA! I can remember my mom just getting $5.00 worth of gas and it would give her half a tank.

Well, if it goes under a buck, I write and tell you how I filled up for $10 bucks!

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One Response to $1.39

  1. Sara says:

    Sam told my sister yesterday that he couldn’t believe gas was only $1.50. I guess he’s heard all the adults’ excitement about it!

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