The simple life of the Amish community intrigues me. In some ways, I wish I could learn to be that free…. free from stuff, from television, from the internet…. But I really can’t grasp the reality of that. How could you possibly live in today’s world without those things??? I know it’s possible, but would Jesus? I don’t mean that I think Jesus would be watching TV like most of us do, but Jesus would know how to use the culture around him to reach the people around him. I guess, that’s where his omniscience comes in… even though he didn’t watch 24, he knows what Jack did that day to save the world, so that he could use poor Jack in an illustration to bring people unto him… I wonder what kind of parables Jesus would tell if he lived today.

Anyway, the purpose of this post was about simplicity. I think the Amish have it right in that they don’t get caught up in having stuff just to have it. They know they don’t need a blu-ray disc player or a Nintendo Wii (even though they are lots of fun) or an iPod loaded with 500 songs or anyTHING else to be content. It would be interesting to see if we (ME) could live for one week without television or the internet or all the other distractions that this world offers on a daily basis. What would we do???????

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