O Christmas Tree

We are going tomorrow to get a Christmas tree! I love Christmas trees… in fact, when we were shopping for houses, I would think about where we would put the tree at in the house. I am a little nervous that I will be in the kitchen doing something and hear Alyx start crying and find the tree on top of her because she thought it was “prit-tee.” But other than that, I’m excited!

We are adopting three children at work. It will be a good change from our normal activities of buying each other useless gifts. We have always talked about it, but have never followed through on it. I am excited that even though many of them are having their own financial difficulties, they have decided to help someone less fortunate.

Alyx loves the lights. Every time we drive by some, she hollars “Look!” and then says “Prit-tee!” She is going to be so excited when we get the tree up and decorated.

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