God’s Will

I was listening to another podcast today and I heard something that just kind of resonated with me. It wasn’t something that I didn’t know (if I would have thought about it), but it was profound to me. When you are doing something that is God’s will, you will have two types of people around you: those who are excited about what you are doing and those who are mad because of what you are doing. But then he said this: If you are always seeking to have everyone’s approval, then you are NOT doing God’s will for your life. Wow.

Like I said, if I had really thought about it, I could have come up with that, but it was kind of earth-shattering to me. I am a people pleaser. I don’t like it when people are upset with me… it upsets me! So this spoke to me and let me know that people are not going to always like what I do, but as long as I am following my Jesus… it’s okay.

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