A Religion???

Christians often say that there is a Jesus-shaped hole inside of us that no matter what only Jesus can fill it. It just his size and no matter what you try to fill it with, only He will fit it just right. So, during this season, I am especially reminded of how people try to fill that hole with so many things and instead of seeing that nothing will fill it except Jesus, they move on to the next thing to try to fill it.

I was listening to a podcast today, in which they said that consumerism is a religion. People are dissatisfied with their lives and so they try to fill it with the biggest, the best, the greatest next thing out there. And once we get that big, best, great, next thing, the manufacturers develop a bigger, better, greater thing to make us dissatisfied with what we currently have. It’s sad that we try to buy happiness and contentment when we could have them for free by living for Jesus.

So, I was surprised to find that I agree with he people from the podcast. I do think consumerism is a religion. It is man’s attempt to try to find happiness. It’s god is one’s self… trying to produce our own happiness, security, and whatever else we think will make life worth living.

So this year for Christmas…. join the conspiracy. Worship God during this Christmas season.

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