What does it mean to worship? During this season… Christmas, what are you doing to worship Jesus? I’m really excited about what Hub City Church is doing for the Christmas season. Hub City is joining the cause of Advent Conspiracy. Every year, Americans spend $450 billion on Christmas. $450 billion! Everyday, more people die from not having clean water than any other cause. So, how much would it cost to make sure everyone in the world has clean water? $10 million. Just $10 million compared to the $450 billion, we spend on Christmas alone. This year, Hub City is encouraging people to spend less money on gifts and instead give to a cause that could give people life…. give them the gift of clean water. Hub City Church will give $1.00 for every first time guest that comes during the month of December and on Dec 21st, the Sunday before Christmas, we will be giving our entire offering towards clean water. I’m really excited about this…. I think it’s awesome.

One question that has been going through my mind while pondering Advent Conspiracy is this: can people tell what I’m worshiping this season? I mean, in my gift giving and buying, do people know I’m worshiping Jesus? I was listening to one of their podcasts and they were talking about how upset churches got because Wal-Mart starting saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” I was upset by this as well, but they made an interesting point. Do we really want Wal-Mart to tell the story of Jesus? They are using the birth of Jesus as a marketing tool. Is that what we really want people to think about when they think about Christmas? No! It’s our job to tell the story of Jesus. And when you tell people that instead of buying so many gifts, you are going to give money to help people around the world to have clean water…. well, what do you think those people think about Christmas then?

Worship in all you do.

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