I meant to blog on this earlier but we were out of town on vacation and the internet wouldn’t work right at the campsite…. isn’t that funny. They had wireless internet at the campsite (but it wouldn’t work, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised).

Jonathan did a series entitled “Purpose” and the last sermon on the topic was taken from the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus says “You are the salt of the world…” I have always liked this verse since I first started attending church as a kid. Jonathan talked about three uses that the people used salt fr at that time and how that relates to us as being the “salt of the world.”

1. Salt was used as currency. It was valuable to the people. So, am I adding value to my world?

2. Salt was used to bring out flavor in food. Am I bringing out the best in the world around me? In the people around me? Is my world, my work, my home better because I am here?

3. Salt was used as a preservative. In a world of corruption, am I preserving the people around me?

I really enjoyed hearing a familiar passage in a different light. Perhaps, this is something you need to hear. Are you being salt to your world?

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One Response to Salt

  1. jonathan says:

    I’m so honored to be quoted!

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