Yesterday, Hub City Church held its first “Grill and Chill” and its first baptism. It was really awesome to see so many people who consider Hub City as their church. Frankie baptized someone for the first time, too. He baptized a guy from our small group, who started attending Hub City Church and has felt God calling him back to Himself. I am so excited to see people who were far from God become closer to Him through the work of Hub City Church.

So the water in the baptism was freezing. They were supposed to warm the baptism pool up, but they only turned it on like 15 minutes beforehand. It was funny watching them get into the water. Poor Nathan was screaming! They were laughing at Frankie because he was wearing his socks up to his knees. It was kind of funny.

I think one of the best things that happened Sunday was that all three of my sisters were at our gathering. Joni and her family came down from Ohio and decided to come to our church. It was great to see them in church. Todd said he enjoyed it, which is saying a lot because they don’t go to church regularly…. and that is who we are trying to reach, people who don’t go to church regularly. It was a really good day.

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