Well, we are home now. It was fun…. we did pretty much nothing except play cards and eat and try to sleep. The gas went out one night. It was freezing, but Frankie was able to change it out and so we were able to be comfortable the rest of the time. The shower was not warm at all unless I washed my hair in the freezing cold first; then, it didn’t seem so cold! All in all, we had a good time. I enjoyed spending time with Frankie and Alyx. The Blackwells and Rosie came up on Wednesday, so we played cards with them after that… Nothing was really open to do, so we were able to just relax some.

It’s weird being away from everything and not having internet access. I guess, I used to read a whole lot more before the internet! It probably sounds really boring, and it was! But it was GREAT! I will be glad to get back home though…. I know I can’t hide forever!

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