Well, we are on vacation! I am very excited to get to spend a few days away from the busyness of my life. I’m a little anxious about what I’ll find when I get back to work as the girl who backs me up when I’m gone is quitting. She was planning to stay through this week, but I’m not sure if she will stay or not. It depends on how the others treat her. Anyway, I wish her luck…. she’s a great girl!

Anyway, I’m determined not to worry about it… I’m on VACATION! We are camping at Stonebridge somewhere in the Smokies near Ghost Town. This place is a ghost town right now. Gas is $2.17 here… when we came up two days ago, it was $2.29, so maybe when we get back to Spartanburg, it will be like $1.50 or something crazy like that!

We are having fun, sleeping late (as Alyx will allow), taking walks in the campground, letting Alyx run around like crazy. Relaxing…. All of you have fun, I’ve got to go relax some more!

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One Response to Vacation

  1. Kaye Allen says:

    Glad you are having fun! Gas is 1.86 as of yesterday. Don’t think about work have fun and relax. MOM

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