MMI:Miracle of Miracles

I have been giving examples of questions in a book I’m enjoying, called “Me, Myself, and I AM.” It’s been a great learning experience for me. It has helped me to think about things I wouldn’t have thought about and how things have affected my spiritual life.

Today’s question: “The miracle story that means the most to me:” It lists a whole bunch of miracles. The one that I take the most from at this time in my life is “A boy’s lunch feeds thousands.” Why? If we give God whatever we have, even if it’s not much, he will multiply it, use it to fill people’s needs, and then return it to you tenfold. The boy gave Jesus what he had. Jesus blessed his offering and used it for his glory. And look what happen! Each of the disciples had a basket of leftovers! Imagine that… a whole basketful of leftovers that was more than what they started with! I love that.

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