MMI: Questions

I thought I would take a question from “Me, Myself, and I Am” each day this week and talk about it. So, here’s today’s:

“I identify with the following Bible character the most:” and “I identify with that character because:” pg. 48.

I had to think about this one for a moment. I think I am most like Martha, Lazarus’ sister. Why? She was Jesus’ friend. She knew him intimately. She depended on him. She loved him. But she also, was the type to carry out details while others were sitting at Jesus’ feet and instead of joining them, she complained because she had no help. I do that a lot unfortunately. I think it eventually sunk in that spending time with Jesus was what really mattered and that all those things on your to do list may seem important, but normally they are nothing that can’t wait for another time. I am striving to learn to sit at Jesus’ feet more on a daily basis and realize some things can wait until tomorrow.

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