Me, Myself, and I Am

So I am in the middle of a great book that’s all about ME! “Me, Myself, and I Am” is a books of questions about your spiritual life. As you answer them, it allows you to think about where you are currently in your walk with Jesus and events that have shaped your faith. I have really enjoyed learning and exploring things that have shaped my life. God works all things out for the good of those who love him. I absolutely have enjoyed this book so much. You can get a copy here.

One of my favorite questions so far is: “On a cross-country flight, I discover I’m seated next to a famous atheist. He asks me to explain why I am a Christian and what it feels like day to day. Here is what I say:”

So what would you say? I love the second part of that question because it made me think about what me and an atheist have in common. The truth is we both make choices and live our daily lives based off of our beliefs or lack of beliefs. We both believe something with all that we are, but what we believe affects the rest of our lives, our choices in day to day living.

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