Sorry, I haven’t kept up with my blogging this week. It’s been a little crazy. I was out of town Tuesday night and didn’t get back until late Wednesday afternoon. Thursday night was Alyx’s dance class and I had to get some stuff ready for work the next day. We always have a luncheon on Halloween and any holiday really. I, also, dressed up for Halloween. I told a guy at work what I was going to be for Halloween and he said no one would guess what I was, and if they did, he wold give me $10. I wish I had said he needed to give me $10 per person that guessed right! Anyway, he owes me $10. I show you a picture and see if you can guess. I kept it a secret from everyone, and then he went and told people. He doesn’t work in our office, so I didn’t think it would matter….. anyway.

For Halloween, we took Alyx trick or treating! She actually wore her elephant costume. I was shocked. I think it was because I was wearing a costume. Frankie dressed up like Dwight from “The Office.” It was funny. We went to Chris and Michelle Blackwell’s and rode around the neighborhood in a tractor-pulled trailer. It was fun. Chris would just pull up into people’s yard right up to their front door! If you know Chris, you know this is not a stretch! It was fun!

Here’s some pictures:

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One Response to Halloween

  1. jonathan says:

    Frankie looks like such a dork!

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