Okay, so I’m in Gastonia for a conference for WM, which has been really interested and I have enjoyed. I came up here with a co-worker and friend, April. We are spending the night, so after the conference we decided to go to O’Charley’s to eat dinner. We got seated and a girl took our order. A few minutes later, this guy comes over and tells us, that he’ll be our server and that this was his table….. we were like “okay.” He keep coming over and leaning over us and putting his hands on April’s shoulder…. it was creepy. Then, we decided to order dessert and I pointed at something in the menu, to which he leaned towards me…. way too close, so I kind of backed up involuntarily…. April started laughing and couldn’t stop. I felt bad, but he was in my personal space!

It got me to thinking about how I sometimes back up spiritually when I feel like God is in my personal space. Do you ever find yourself doing that? I mean, do think Jesus backed up when people creeped him out (if you think Jesus was creeped out by anyone). When the lady who was bleeding for yeas touched his garments, he didn’t shudder at the thought of her touching him…. he had compassion on her. I realized that I have such a long way to go.

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