Spooky Desserts

We are trying to have a more positive atmosphere at work…. you know, try to build some teamwork. We decided to do “13 Days of Halloween.” Each of us took a day or two and did a theme, brought in a trick or a treat, or something for everyone. My day was today. i called it “Fortune Friday.” I gave everyone a cup of candy (it is Halloween, after all), but I gave them the first clue to a treasure hunt. It was kind of fun. Anyway, on Fridays, we also do something big. Last Friday, we did a decoration contest. This Friday was my favorite: the Spooky Dessert Contest. Last year was great. We had lady fingers (peanut butter cookies with almonds for the fingernails), an Oreo pie face, a decorated cake, and spider cupcakes. They were all cute. Plus, my hand cake which if you look down this page, you should see a picture. This year, was not so good. People didn’t participate like they did last year. I made a batty moon cake, Elizabeth made brownies that she had decorated, and Kristine mad “little frankies,” as she called them. Here’s some pics.

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