Christmas In Action

So today, I have been laying around all day long because I have a head cold. I’ve been taking Zicam and DayQuil and Mucinex (not all together) and blowing my nose with Plus tissues with Vicks (they smell really good when you can’t smell anything). Anyway, why I was laying around and trying to keep an eye on Alyx, Frankie and a pretty good-sized group from Hub City participated in Christmas in Action. CIA is where area organizations go and help repair homes for people who can’t do so themselves. So, today they went and helped an elderly couple with their home. They washed and painted the house and built a small porch on the back. There were 16 other churches that participated this year, so it was a good turnout. I wish I could have helped, but even if I had been feeling better, there was no way I could take Alyx… I would have been spending my time repairing the damage she did…. like trying to get green marker off their walls or something. But I watched her so that Frankie was able to go.

Anyway, God has told us that he will bless us when we follow him, so that’s what they were doing… following him by serving as he served. There is always a blessing in serving because first and foremost, it makes you feel good to help other people. It’s a blessing in and of itself. But listen to how awesome God is…. WSPA showed up and did a news story on CIA that featured Hub City. They “just so happened” to show up at the house where Hub City volunteers were working at…. how awesome is that? They interviewed Frankie. The camera guy said “Hey! Didn’t I just interview you a couple weeks ago???” That was kind of funny. There is no other way to explain the publicity Hub City Church is getting except that God has truly blessed us. I think that we are doing church the right way… we serve first and meet second…. and God is blessing us for it.

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